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Help Desk (Documentation)
If you have a support question about your web hosting account, please check out the FAQ below.
If the documentation's below doesn't answer your questions, you may email us at support@ip01.net

Configuring your WSFTP Client

For PC Users (WSFTP)

When we emailed your account information, it contained the following information which is needed for FTP access to your account:

FTP Server

Step 1: Downloading WSFTP


a) To download this program, please go to : http://www.ipswitch.com/downloads/index.html 

Step 2: Installing WSFTP


a) After downloading the file, locate the file on your hard drive and double click on it to      begin installation.

b) Select Next to the first box.

c) Click Next to proceed with the installation.

d) Enter your email address and any appropriate information that are requested and      proceed with the installation.

e) Double Click on the new, WSFTP icon on your desktop.

Step 3: Configuring WSFTP


Please note that there are a number of older and current versions of WSFTP floating around. As a result, some of the instructions provided here cannot possibly reflect all the versions, which have been released in the past 5 years. The only small difference you may encounter is where some of the options can be found (depending on the client version you're using). In any event, everything is pretty well much the same.

1. Open your WSFTP client
2. The dialog box "WS_FTP" Sites should display. If not, click the "Connect" button.
3. Select "New"

You should see this dialog box:

You'll be taken through these options:

1. New Site/Folder: Choose a name for this account

2. Host Name or IP address: www.yourdomain.com

3. User ID: Main system login
4. User Password: Main System Password
5. Select "Save Password"

6. Select "Finish"

Done! Your can now FTP into your site

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